What is coding?

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What is coding?

Coding? Also known as computer programming is the process of designing and building an executable computer program to accomplish a specific computing result. At this point you are known to be a Programmer who instructs a computer on what to do.

Coders(programmers) use different computer languages to be able to communicate with a device mostly used languages are called Python, C++, C#, Java and other website/app development languages known as HTML, CSS, JavaScript. There are more than 700 coding languages currently existing although the most used ones are the mentioned.

Coding it is not just fun, but it teaches people mostly how to “think”, Well I meant being able to analyse a situation and solve the problem using technology that is going to prevent the problem from happening again. Frankly, it teaches you how to analyse, think, do while having fun.

Each and everyday of our life we used coding, from waking up in the morning unlocking your phone, checking texts, checking data etc. All the mobile apps are coded by programmers to easily complete a certain task for a user(you).Long ago people used to write letters and post them as it will take time to reach their destinations, Today you can send a text in just minutes.