Code Kasi

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South African national lock down has notified and pushed us to adapt to the new normal by conducting our lives digitally. However the poor advancement of technology across the spectrum of the society, economies and communities has left many people stranded due to skills shortage and poor digital education. But as for the technology industry it was booming with profits as the tertiary institutions opted to take their learning online. Meanwhile companies resorted to remote working using digital avenues.

Road to Code Kasi

Due to the high number of contact received in different areas to support the #CodeTembisa initiative, We have decided to expand our work to different areas all over South Africa in this case #CodeTembisa will be changed to #CodeKasi.


#CodeKasi (Coding Township) is a project which is aimed at empowering and positively impacting many of the young minds around the South African country. The project is not restricted as it will offer curriculum and coding sessions to most of the disadvantaged communities outside of Tembisa. #CodeKasi focus mostly on the disadvantaged communities by accessing schools and youth halls.

Any one can learn coding at any time on our online learning portal. The Code Kasi portal helps people by providing exciting, engaging and fun coding courses that provoke curiosity, build skills and enable collaborative pathways. It allows students to engage with one another and maneuver through the intricacies of coding as a collective. The mentors are always present to offer guidance and expertise to help students to reach their full potential through online learning. 

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